Remix Friday #5

Fuzzy bleepy filtered goodiness.  Worked surprisingly well in the middle of a electro-tech warehouse rave.  Thanks Sonido.  I will be back, even though Leicester is no more for me.  Love ya!

Luther Vandross – Never Too Much (ODahls K-Love Remix)


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Friday Remix #4

I love that they had to come up with a new genre of music for the original of this song.  “Hollywood Sadcore”.  HOLLYWOOD SADCORE!!!  How fab is that!  Naturally there have been a slew of remixes for Lana Del Ray’s left-of-the-middle hit.  No suprises then that the one that tickles me is the one that shunts its sound along a couple of decades, swapping its 50’s A-line skirt and curlers for some flares and an afro wig.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Pedrokaco Remix)


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Cover Up #2

Kate Miller-Heidke is not someone I know much about, apart from a kooky ‘Cyndi Lauper meets Downton Abbey’ style she portrays that is certainly at odds with this haunting and melancholic take on Empire of the Sun’s Walking on a Dream.  The vocals float gently through the song with nothing more to carry it than some light plinking on an electric guitar and the odd shake of a tambourine.

Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream

Kate Miller-Heidke – Walking On A Dream (Empire Of The Sun Cover)

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Earworm #4

I think my formative years in Oz must have had a profound effect on my ears.  Yet again another excellent song from down under.  Taken from The Bag Raider’s excellent eponymous debut album from last year, this song certainly made my tube journey home more interesting (although the drunk who spent the distance between two stop on the floor with his flip-flop caught in the tube door was a close contender).

I think one of the reason I’m drawn to Aussie electro outfits is because their weather seems to infuse into their music.  ‘Sunlight’ is obviously no exception.

Bag Raiders – Sunlight

Here’s some hippie types doing a cover of it for good measure.

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Remix Friday #3


The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (Teddybears Remix)


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Eyelid Movie #1

We all have our quieter moments filled with reflection and reveries.  After a pretty crucial weekend, and a complete life overhaul just around the corner, i have been left with a lot to think about.  Taken from Kate Bush’s last album, Nocturn is an expansively beautiful track, both nostalgic and contemplative.  Richly textured and filled with vivid imagery, the orchestral start gives way to a progressive beat that finally bursts aflame as the sun pours over a couple of night time swimmers floating in a sea of lucidity.  Although the narrative seems straightforward, the music belies this simplicity, as does her questioning of the conscious state.  The paths we take may seem as definite as footprints in the sand, but with a step out into the unknown, change is inevitable.

Kate Bush – Nocturn

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Earworm #3

What IS it about them damn Aussies.  Sounds like PNAU and Flight Facilities just had a baby.  Thanks to Rose Quartz for living up to their name and alerting me to this absolute gem.



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