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Cover Up #1

The best covers are the ones that draw upon the raw material of the original song and catapult it in to uncharted territories, changing genres or styles but managing to keep the sentiment at the song’s heart intact. In this case, Hercules and Love Affair put their 90’s house slant on one of the xx’s most popular songs.  It succeeds by building on the originals simplicity, filling the empty spaces with digital beeps and squelches, lifting it’s gaze from it’s shoes to meet you squarely in the eyes, but managing not to lose the lonely aching sadness at it’s center.

The xx – Shelter

Hercules & Love Affair – Shelter (The xx cover)

In the same respects, but in the opposite direction, the xx covered Womack and Womack’s wedding disco classic Teardrops, stripping back the original to expose the heartbreak hidden in the lyrics.

Womack and Womack – Teardrops (Extended 12″ Mix)

The xx – Teardrops (Womack and Womack Cover)

Conversly, NYC producers Diamond Cut, take said song, smear it in lipgloss, dunk it in glitter and send it hurtling back up to the far side of the tempo spectrum, giving rise to this poppers o’clock monstrosity (which I love, of course).

Diamond Cut – Teardrops (Womack & Womack Cover)


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Randomizer #1

So maybe this post is one way of proving my eclectic, varied and superior music taste . . . or maybe it because i’m too lazy to put any thought into it today, but the idea is that the powers of fate shall be deciding today’s offering via the serendipitous medium of iTunes shuffle.

New Young Pony Club – Get Lucky

Winner! Although Tahita’s lazy London drawl makes them unmistakably British in their sound, these guys (espesh this song) always remind me of New York.  Partly because of their name. Possibly because I was residing there at the time when I found their first EP and music is intrinsically nostalgic, but also because the song seems to capture that slinky NYC edginess that I was so enthralled with at the time.  It tightly bolts together pop and electro, with a coolness that although lacking any immediate heart and soul, still draws you in and holds on till it later bathes you in it’s version of emotional warmth.  A bit like New York.

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Remix Friday #1

How does it work?

As a avid Stevie Nick appreciator, this version is near on perfect.  True to the original but with added synth-stabs over that chugging guitar rift that Beyonce resurrected back in 2001.  Bootylicious indeed.

Stevie Nicks – Edge Of Seventeen (The Starkiller’s Seventeen Lightyears Remix)

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Earworm #2

The Donkey, before it burned.

So after having my senses turned inside out at Burning Man this year, I have returned with a renewed sense of verve and thought I would try flogging this ailing horse of a blog one more time. Although not all Burning Man related, here are a few tracks that have been spanking my fanny (American usage) over the past couple of months.  If you like them, just right click the title to download, not that I would encourage or endorse that type of behavior.

Holy Ghost! – Wait & See (Flight Facilities Remix)

In a vague attempt to wring the last drops of sunshine from what has been an utterly awesome summer, this song just about sums it up.  I discovered it just before our epic West Coast roadtrip, and it certainly captures some of those beatific, paint the sky moments.

Golden Bug & Rodion (feat. Lavinia Claws) – Do The Washing Machine (Original Mix)

Starting with a slightly industrial sound that soon gives way to satisfying Daft Punk crunchy bounce-beat.  Bonkers subject matter interspersed with the odd chic-a-chic-a-chic-a-chic-ah.  Delicious.

Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Thee Loving Hand Remix)

Once again, Thee Loving Hand crafts another progressive and indulgent remix, turning Cut Copy’s happy clappy Fleetwood Mac-esque homage and slowly building it into something quite terrifying.

Nicolas Jaar – A Time For Us

On a par, if not better than the more popular James Blake, I am at a loss why this track wasn’t included on Nicolas Jaar’s debut album Space is Only Noise. One thing is for sure, around the 3 and a half minute mark, it get pretty damn sultry, and makes me think of all sorts of nasty things.  Squirrels, watch out (sorry Burning Man reference).

Ron Basejam – Deep & Meaningless (Is The Word (Killer Whale Italo Refix))

Seeing as I’m off for a stomp (recovering ankle permitting) at Horsemeat Disco this weekend, I though I’d end on a nice little slice of nu-italo disco from one half of Salmon Stereo favourites, Crazy P.


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