Yes, this is another blog about music.

But let’s not limit ourselves too much. Put all the flagrant music snobbery aside and take a dive into the ocean of music, for it will nourish the soul . . .

Fuck that, here’s some music that I like. Hopefully, you will too.

So just to explain the catergories

Earworm – An outlet for awesome songs that are currently taking up too much headspace in my already overcrowded brain.  They need to make room for others.

Music Maths – an insight into the incestuousness of music and it’s makers.

Remix Friday – Don’t think I really need to explain this one.  An insight into what day of the week it might be.

Randomizer – One way of proving my eclectic, varied and superior music taste . . . or more likely because i’m being too lazy to put any thought into it.  The idea is that the powers of fate shall decide the offering via the serendipitous medium of iTunes shuffle.

Cover Up – Some lovely, interesting and surprising cover versions.  The ones that that draw upon the raw material of the original song and catapult it in to uncharted territories, changing genres or styles but managing to keep the sentiment at the song’s heart intact.

Common Synths – An misguided, but unfaltering appreciation of stabby, squelchy, spangly, sine wavey noises in songs.

Underated Artist – There are countless artists out there who are making outstanding music, but whose contributions are overlooked by mediocre, over-marketed tripe.  Here are a few that I have happily stumbled across.

Candice Likes / Can Dislikes – I can usually measure a song’s relative amazingness is by its direct proportionality to how much Candice hates it. However, as with everything, there are exceptions to this rule, and although our music preferences do follow distinctly separate arcs, there does seem to be a cross section where they converge.  So in the spirit of estimable research to a worthy cause, I will endeavor to discover what this goldilocks zone of music is.

Eyelid Movie – Music for times that are quiet and reflective.

Rug Cutter – Music for times that are anything but.


Go on. Say what you really think.

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