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Randomizer #1

So maybe this post is one way of proving my eclectic, varied and superior music taste . . . or maybe it because i’m too lazy to put any thought into it today, but the idea is that the powers of fate shall be deciding today’s offering via the serendipitous medium of iTunes shuffle.

New Young Pony Club – Get Lucky

Winner! Although Tahita’s lazy London drawl makes them unmistakably British in their sound, these guys (espesh this song) always remind me of New York.  Partly because of their name. Possibly because I was residing there at the time when I found their first EP and music is intrinsically nostalgic, but also because the song seems to capture that slinky NYC edginess that I was so enthralled with at the time.  It tightly bolts together pop and electro, with a coolness that although lacking any immediate heart and soul, still draws you in and holds on till it later bathes you in it’s version of emotional warmth.  A bit like New York.


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